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Building an Azure architecture in 2020

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How to build an Azure platform that meets security and control requirements without compromising agility?

Cloud technology gives businesses access to powerful technology. Smart architecture and good governance give businesses a real competitive edge in terms of increased agility and time to market. However, increased use of cloud technology also raises a number of new issues. Distribution, operations, security, standardization, cost control and governance are typical challenges we face when we talk to customers. Complexity can quickly escalate. Due to the rapid pace of development, a number of companies are already facing significant amounts of technical debt from their cloud services. We see customers ending up in one of two situations:

  • In order to maintain their agility requirements, a company can end up with a form of anarchy, where wrong types of resources define critical security policies, such as when a service is exposed on the Internet.
  • The business locks down the cloud platform, removing the main benefit of cloud services. We often see widespread shadow IT in these types of scenarios.

Innofactor is recognized in the market as one of the leading players when it comes to Microsoft Azure and security in Microsoft's ecosystem. We have now developed a new reference design for Azure that will enable our customers to enter a new decade in the cloud, where they can exploit potential opportunities without compromising security and management.

This reference design is specially adapted for companies that have special security requirements, whether they are in the public or private sector. Businesses with local or global scaling needs, businesses that need to isolate resources from one another, that need to give developers access to the right tools at the right time, and to make use of the potential of Microsoft Azure. We call this the Innofactor Virtual Datacenter (VDC).

What you are going to learn?

In this webinar, we will review the basic principles of VDC. The basis for VDC are the principles and logic behind a traditional physical data center but built solely using modern cloud technology. Infrastructure as a code is very central here, and governance is built into the design. We will show how this design achieves a level of security that will meet internal and external requirements, without compromising user agility.

Key takeaways:

  • Inspiration for how your business can develop a cloud architecture that balances agility with security and control.
  • An understanding of how architecture, such as VDC, strengthens business security and an overall overview of Azure.
  • An understanding of why infrastructure as a code is a critical area of expertise if you want to maintain control.

Original recording information:

Date and time: 12.2.2020, 14-15.00 CET (Sweden, Denmark, Norway) | 15-16.00 EET (Finland)

Aidan Finn
Principal Solution Architect and Azure MVP, Innofactor Norway

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