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XDR, MDR, NDR, EDR – What the heck? Let's get the key terms straight in Security Monitoring!

Security monitoring is close to our cybersecurity consultants' heart, but what exactly are the most essential concepts and how should we refer to them?

Innofactor arranges a webinar in November where our experts introduce and explain a group of key concepts, terms, and best practices in regard to the following subjects:

  • Where are we at Security Monitoring currently and where are we heading?
  • How does modern XDR differ from traditional CSOC?
  • What kind of telemetry sources should be on-boarded to the monitoring set-up (e.g. SIEM), and in what order?
  • What is the additional value of NDR in security monitoring?
  • Understand the differences between IoC and IoA in cyberattacks.
  • Cyber Kill Chain and MITRE ATT&CK framework briefly

Recording date: Thursday, November 24
Speakers: Cybersecurity Consultants Marcus Söderblom and Janne Nevalainen from Innofactor

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