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Sales transformation - To improve sales capabilities with the help of digital enablers

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The on-demand webinar is intended for decision-makers within the business or digitalization domain, who are using digital investments to drive growth. 

Digitalization is both forcing and enabling service-selling B2B companies to revise the business model in order to secure growth, profitability and sustainability. Such topics may include; taking a more active stance and assessing the potential in;  

  • Productivity and automation – The opportunity of reducing inefficient resource usage by removing manual and time-consuming work. 
  • Efficiency  The opportunity of aligning relevant offerings with the right target markets and supporting how we navigate through the opportunities that emerge. 
  • Decision making - The opportunity to establish a more data-driven decision-making and how to act on these insights. 
  • Engagement  The opportunity of assessing how our business capabilities can be redistributed not only within single business functionbut within our whole organization and even self-serviced directly by our customers.  

In this on-demand webinar we will address:

  • How traditional sales is challenged and also how it’s presented with great opportunities 
  • Why we change the perspective from sales function to sales capability 
  • How we can apply Microsoft's digital enablers to gradually and systematically improve our sales capability throughout the whole organization. 

 Webinar recording time 1/10/2020

Let's dissect 'Sales capability as a concept and reassess how we can start maturing and evolving within it through the use of everyday tools. 

Daniel Eriksson Pitt holds the webinar. 

Daniel is responsible for offering & business development and has extensive experience of working with digitalization within service-based organizations. He is passionate about the behavioral changes digital means drive but cautious of the timing and value proposition that they need to possess.

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