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Webinar recording: Unlock Your AI Advantage

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-How to Leverage Azure Open AI and Microsoft Copilot Effectively and Securely in Your Organization?

How can you as an individual or as an IT or business decision maker put the latest AI tools and capabilities to an optimal use quickly and effectively - without security and compliance concerns?

In this webinar, we'll walk you through the following topics:

  • A brief introduction to the latest on generative AI, where we are now and what's coming?
  • What's up with Microsoft Copilot and how to make your organization Copilot-Ready?
  • How to ensure the right data is available for Copilot?
  • Why is using Azure Open AI a better choice for companies and organizations and how to build a secure, Azure Open AI-based internal Chat GPT?
  • Some useful tools, practical examples, and opportunities for you and your organization.

Welcome to join us for an hour focused on smart and proper use of artificial intelligence, hosted by Innofactor's leading experts in Microsoft 365, Azure Open AI and Security!

Speakers: Ville Vakkilainen, Lasse Wedø (Microsoft MVP) and Janne Nevalainen from Innofactor
Ville Vakkilainen, Business Area Lead
Janne Nevalainen, Cyber Security Consultant
Lasse Wedø, Consulting Director and Microsoft Office MVP

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