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Silverlight and LightSwitch are end of support. Here is what you should do!

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Your management starts to demand that you get rid of your precious on-premises servers. However, they do not want to overpay for your Internet Information Services running on a cloud based virtual machine.

Additionally, your users keep choosing faster and more appealing Chrome, Firefox or Edge browsers. Not to mention that your Security Officer/DPO is beginning to question if your web based apps are robust and secure enough.


If you can recognize any of the above, you are not alone. There are many web applications build on Silverlight and Lightswitch. Some companies are not even aware that they have those technologies in their installation.

  • What kind of Lightswitch applications are we talking about?  Most businesses have internal processes that they want managed from multiple users in their organization. Tasks are mostly based on some sort of collaboration and in some cases also collaboration between different branches and levels in an organization.

  • A Lightswitch application can be an application for supporting budgeting, maintaining business processes and workflows, updating customer information, and other data maintenance tasks. Data most likely comes from a Database, and support for a higher degree of collaboration is needed, meaning multiple users need access to the same resources. Using Lightswitch also means that you are working in a Microsoft environment, since Silverlight only run in Internet Information Server (IIS).

    The way to update depends on what your application does. We have identified three possible ways that an application can be updated.

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