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What leadership needs to know about cybersecurity in 2022 – building trust through cyberpositivity and proactive security

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As we’re turning to 2022, we are seeing our leadership and security teams being under pressure as the sophistication and frequency of cyber-attacks is growing and new types of businesses are being targeted. Simultaneously digital transformation projects are advancing rapidly in all industries, bringing more variables to the equation.

Tune in to our exclusive webinar covering the global trends and topics of cybersecurity for 2022.

What organizations should know and what measures should they take to improve the visibility of their data-, apps- and service security and ultimately to win the trust of their key stakeholders?

This webinar is intended for CEO’s, CIO’s, CTO’s and CSO’s, but due to the nature of this topic we believe anyone from the management team will find the content valuable and educative. Register today!

Date and time: On Fri 4th of March at 10AM (EET) / 9 AM (CET)


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