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Use this opportunity and find out more about how to successfully design, implement and maintain up-to-date governance of your Azure infrastructure.

What will you learn:

In this free e-book we will tell why public cloud governance is important for your organization. We will tell how we ensure naming standards, tagging, access control, proper architecture, etc.

The insight you want to reconsider is what parameters are important to you who are in the process of or going to Cloud Project to ensure success.

The goal is that you, as a leader or user of Public Cloud Services, whether Operations or Developement, are sure to be compliant at all times in accordance with internal, national and international laws, regulations and processes.

Key takeaways

  • How to ensure success in your Cloud project
  • How to ensure compliance
  • How to start properly when building a Cloud platform
I'm a Principal Solution Architect, currently focused on ‘Cloud Native’ Governance for Azure, leveraging 25+ years of enterprise real world experience.
Damian Flynn

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